Basic soot Blower and Sootblower types

Basic Of Steam  Soot Blower.

        A Sootblower is a one of the important device for removing the soot that is deposited on the internal furnace tubes of a boiler during combustion to prevent plugging of the gas passes and maintain boiler efficiency

Soot blowing is most commonly carried out using dry saturated or slightly superheated steam at boiler pressure. The use of dry saturated steam generally has a better impact effect in removing deposits than superheated steam, but precautions must be taken to preclude slugs of water from entering the boiler flueways.

                    All flue gas temperature should be checked and recorded in running condition of boiler regularly as an indicator of soot deposits.  When the stack flue gas temperature raise by about 20C above the normal temperature for newly cleaned boiler soot deposits are the main concern. It’s estimated that 3mm of soot can causes an increase in fuel consumption by 2.5%  due to increased flue gas temperature.

Normally used dry steam at 12 to 18 kg/cm2 is used as medium blowing. Soot blowers are placed in the flue gas path to clean some portin of the tube. All soot blowers are connected to common soot blowing line. Normally blowing is done sequentially from the flue gas direction 

Various Types of Soot Blower.
1.     Wall Blower (Insertable Rotating).
2.     Long Retractable Soot Blower (LRSB) or (Insertable Kinetic).
3.     Air Heater Blower.

4.     Fixed Rotating.

Boiler steam soot blowing procedure:-
1.     Open all drain valve of soot blowing line to drain out condensate. 
2.     Open the isolation valve of soot blowing steam line.
3.     Allow steam to flow for some time through this valve to increase temperature. Closed drain valve after get temperature.
4.     Used control valve and increase pressure. Put the control valve in auto mode and set pressure.
5.     Increased the draft pressure little higher.
6.     Start soot blowing sequence.

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