The oxidation of fuel or chemical Combustion with oxygen to produces light and  heated is called fuel mainly hydrogen and carbon are presents. During combustion, this carbon and hydrogen react with oxygen to for carbon dioxide and water vaporous. 

For Combustion Following Three Things Are Required:
  1. Fuel.
  2. Oxygen.
  3. Three Ts.

1. Fuel :

                The Main constituents of fuel are carbon and hydrogen. So fuel is called as hydrocarbon. In fuels the energy is stored in the form of chemical energy that can be released as heat by combustion or oxidation. 

2. Oxygen :

                  For Combustion process, oxygen is obtained  from air. Air Contains  79% nitrogen and 21% Oxygen by volume or 77% nitrogen and 23% Oxygen by weight. As the nitrogen Percentage  is more in air. So large amount of air is required to get the required amount of oxygen. This nitrogen does not take a part in combustion but is required to be heated during combustion.

3. Three Ts :

                          Efficient combustion of any fuel depends on it  chemical and physical characteristics, and how well it is mixed with combustion air. three important factors - Time, Temperature, Turbulence - control the completeness of combustion and influence the design of boiler equipment and operating practices.

  • TIME - When a fuel is being burned, it is important that sufficient time is available so that the fuel burns completely. 100% combustion means that the fuel is fully oxidized and full oxidation of the carbon, hydrogen and other combustible elements has taken place.

  • TEMPERATURE - During the combustion, if the temperature is not sufficiently high, fuel will take some time to ignite thus increasing the time of the combustion. This will affect the heat output. Hence it is very important to maintain correct temperature which ensures that fuel is quickly burnt releasing the complete energy.

  • TURBULENCE - If the fuel and air are mixed in swirling paths, instead of each flowing in streamlined paths, combustion will be greatly improved because the mixing of fuel and air is more complete. The proper amount of air for a given amount of fuel means nothings if the two are not mixed.

               As it can be seen the 3Ts discussed above impact the process of combustion and can significantly affect the efficiency if not monitored closely.

               At oil burning plants, the oils burned must be heated on their way to the burner. This accomplishes two tasks. First the oil flows more readily when heated; secondly it atomizes better.

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