Pipe Line colour coding in power Plant

 Pipe line colour coding in power plant

  1. Water                               - Green 
  2. Steam                              - Crimson Red 
  3. Air                                    - Light blue 
  4. Oil (Combustible liquid).  - Dark Brown 
  5. WTP treatment chemicals - Orange 
  6. Acids and alkalis                - Purple 
  7. Process effluents               - Black  
  8. Fire fighting water line.       - Signal Red 
  9. Turbine control oil line.       - Yellow 
  10. Turbine trip oil line.            - Red 

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  1. Understanding pipe line color coding in a power plant is crucial for safety and efficiency. By using distinct colors for different types of pipes, such as blue for cooling water or yellow for gas lines, workers can quickly identify and respond to potential hazards or maintenance needs

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